Our Utility Patents cover the method to apply fluid to an article, collecting the used fluid, the portable containment system and mobile apparatus useful therewith.

With these patents in place, anyone who makes, sells or uses a portable containment system of any kind, or contains fluids using a portable, temporary containment area, in a portable application to recover fluids applied to an article in the system or in the containment area, will need to be licensed by Kyoto Containment Systems Inc.

We look forward to working with all interested parties to ensure that only the best systems are used to effectively protect the environment.

Canada Patent:

2084700, issued Mar., 2 nd , 1999

U.S. Patents:
5423339, issued Jun., 13 th , 1995

5560782, issued Oct., 1 st , 1996

5669982, issued Sep., 23 rd , 1997
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