Noxious weeds, invasive plants and harmful fungi pose an increasing threat to native ecosystems, croplands and other plant communities throughout North America. While weeds have long been a recognized problem in the agriculture industry, their potential impact to other plant communities, including those in forests and wetlands is receiving greater attention. One prevention measure is to wash agriculture equipment and vehicles before they enter a weed-free area or when they leave an infested area.   Weed seed and fungal spores can be transported in the mud or dirt on vehicles.  Kyoto Containment Systems patented water containment and purification system provides the perfect solution. Our total system comes trailer mounted and is complete with a Kyoto Containment Mat® on a Reel System, reservoir, purification system and pressure washer. An operator simply pulls the mat off the reel, secures it to a flat surface, sets up the submersible pump, turns on the system and begins washing. All effluents are contained by the mat and purified before being discharged. With this system agriculture operators are instantly compliant with EPA and Clean Water Act regulations.

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Kyoto News
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